Information for MHC Faculty

Textbook Ordering: The Odyssey Bookshop is proud to provide textbook services for Mount Holyoke College.  

Early orders are appreciated. In addition to allowing us adequate time to research and order your books, early orders also increase the likelihood that we will be able to get used books, and allow us to buy back those books from students at significantly higher prices 

Please order your course books via any of the methods below. Thank you.  

For each course, please specify the following:

Your name and contact information;
Course number and title;
If the course is a continuation of a previous course; 
Approximate enrollment. 

Please include the following information for each book:

ISBN (if known);
Edition (if known); 
Binding (hardcover or paperback);
Required or optional;

If you have any questions or concerns, please include them in your email.

  • PDF ordering form. Print this form and fax it, email it, or drop it off at the store. 

Desk Copies: The Odyssey Bookshop is unable to order desk copies. To get desk copies for your courses, please contact publishers directly using the resources below.

Be aware that the Odyssey sometimes fills your entire request with used books. This may make it difficult to obtain desk copies. If you would prefer that we get new books only, please let us know on your order form.

Many publishers include a desk copy request option in their phone options. If there is no such option, customer service should be able to help.

Publisher Information: Phone numbers for most academic publishers (PDF download)

You may also write to the publishers to request a desk copy.

Template for ordering desk copies from publishers (PDF download)

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